AHREFs Keyword Rank Tool – Review

Ahrefs is only one of the numerous tools used by the SEO industry. The primary function of this tool is link profile analysis. With its aid, you can gather all necessary information about internal and external backlinks and, at the same instance, evaluate the site’s quality and the link parameters. This article will show you how to use Ahrefs for link analysis.


To analyze the quality of backlinks, one must know what type of information they want to collect. Most people want to analyze backlinks based on keywords, but there are other considerations as well. For example, suppose a person is trying to gather information about competitors. In that case, they may want to use the Ahrefs keyword planner to identify popular keywords that competitors are using to optimize their websites.


The keyword planner provides an interface for the user to analyze all the possible keyword combinations. A keyword is entered in the search field, and the interface displays a list of potential keyword combinations. The user then chooses the most appropriate variety based on popularity, competition, current ranking, etc., and enters it in the search field. The tool keeps track of the number of times that word is used and whether it has a high search volume.


The best thing about the tool is that it is available for free. However, it is limited to backlink analysis only. You may extend its service to include traffic and search engine optimization, but I doubt that it will remain available for free. If you want to get information beyond the traffic and ranking report, you have to pay a minimal fee. But the good thing is that the price is very nominal and is worth it considering the benefits.


Once you have purchased the premium version, you can access the advanced features which provide deeper insights into the keywords and organic traffic, and search engines. The advanced statistics module provides information like organic searches, organic rankings, click-through rates, and more. The dashboard summarizes organic search traffic and a daily report of the top 100 keywords with a daily search volume.


The best part of the tool is that it allows you to run the test more than one way. For example, you can choose to run the test by date, country, and more. If you are using other keyword analyzer software, it would be not easy to access the complete data set that’s Explorer provides. In my opinion, keyword explorer is the best tool for the marketer to utilize.

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