Article Reinker – Three Ways To Avoid Plagiarism When Using Article Rewrites

Article Rewrite is a program that turns old articles into thousands of new content in a matter of minutes. Tsk! most people don’t understand this; it is like the recent case of one who created a new template for composing news. When they try to change the template, they encounter the problem that the content they have written doesn’t make any sense.

They may think that they have a good idea, but it still doesn’t

make much sense when put into a different format and adapted to the new design.


The biggest problem with the article rewriting is that you’ll end up putting your work into a completely new spin or form. In other words, you will be breaking the law by doing this if you are using something like an article spinoff. For example, you could rewrite an article spun off from another article and use that spin-off article as your work. That means that you are committing plagiarism.


Not only do you need to stop using article spinoffs to save your reputation and your hard work, but also because they are illegal. You can be prosecuted for using article paraphrasing if you are found to be using article paraphrasing. Some people may think that writing about something is different from using it as the basis of your writing. It is a very easy distinction.


If I am writing about a new, unique dog food product, my article’s title may be “Dog Food: New Unique Ingredients Revealed,” and I will end my essay by recommending that my readers try the product. The phrase could be “A carefully chosen combination of ingredients makes new unique dog foods that provide the ideal nutrition for dogs.” If I were to write a story about the same product, I could say, “A careful selection of high-quality ingredients makes new unique dog foods that provide the ideal nutrition for dogs.” I would not even need to type that word in the article since reading my article would already know what I was talking about.


As a professional writer, you know that if you want to use article rewriter software to protect yourself, you must know how to use it properly. You also understand that you can get in trouble with the law if you misuse article rewriter software. So you should make sure that you only

use the tool when you know what it is doing and follow all the rules and guidelines for the software to use it ethically.


Article rewriting is a beautiful service to writers who can generate a steady stream of

unique content for their clients. However, when it goes wrong, it can become disastrous for many rewriters. Avoid these three mistakes when you use an article rewriting software to keep from getting into trouble. You will be glad you did!

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