How Does Trello Work?

How Does Trello Work?

Trello is a software project management tool that is quite popular among those involved in any business. Initially developed by Fog Creek Software back in 2020, it quickly was spun off into a new company in 2020 when Microsoft acquired that company. Trello is very user-friendly and has many features that will make managing a […]

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What Is Lumen?

Lumen is a webinar platform that allows users to interact with live, in-person people over the internet via web conferences. What makes it distinct is that it converts text to video. It is a multiple-tiered online service, and, quite evidently, from its pricing plan, it is undoubtedly aimed at corporate businesses. In reality, the Lumen […]

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How to Manage Social Media From a Hootsuite dashboard

Hootsuite is an online social networking management platform developed by Ryan Holmes in 2020. It offers users the ability to manage multiple social networking accounts from one location. The user interface of the system takes the form of an interactive dashboard, supporting various social networking integrations such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr. Hootsuite […]

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